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Bad or Damaged Credit? No Problem!

Bankruptcy? Foreclosure? Late Mortgage Payments?
Looking for a sub prime loan? Discouraged with the response you're receiving? It can be difficult to find a sub prime mortgage loan. When banks don't consider you credit worthy, you'll have to work with a sub prime lender. We are experienced at acquiring financing for people with bad credit.

Are you being turned away for a loan or being asked to pay outrageous fees and interest? Your search may become frustrating and upsetting. In your haste, you may find yourself accepting terms, rates and fees that are not what you planned or can afford.

Getting a lender to work with you is nearly impossible if you are in need of sub prime lending. Being put last on the list is a normal occurrence with the common lender. Even when you've been approved for a loan, the payments with their exorbitant fees and rates may stop you from proceeding to obtaining the loan that you need.

Locating a mortgage lender that will help you obtain financing to fit your needs, without high rates and fees, is accomplishable. Your search is over because you have discovered American Mortgage Consultants. We have been tailoring loans to individual needs for many years.

Been turned down for a loan?

If you're not even filling out home mortgage loan applications anymore because you know you have bad credit with too many scores against you, but you're still looking because you have a dream, we can help!

There is hope.
Things happen in life: layoffs, illness in the family, unplanned emergencies that can have repercussions on one's credit report. In view of the fact that you and I are not perfect, we work hard to help each individual attain his or her goal. The majority of people who have difficulty getting approved do not have to give up their dream home. Consolidating your problem debts does not have to go by the wayside.
We're glad that you persisted in your searches and found us.
American Mortgage Consultants is a reputable, high integrity mortgage company that works with you to achieve your dreams. We are devoted to finding the a custom mortgage loan that is tailored to your exact needs. No need to despair, you've come to the right place.
We excel in finding mortgage loans.

We will ask no uncomfortable questions regarding your financial situation. We look forward to hearing from you. Fill in the secure Pre Application, and we'll get right on it. Mortgage Pre-application Form

There are other companies that approve loans for people with less-than-perfect ratings. Perhaps, in your searching for help, you have found such companies, only to be extremely disappointed to find that the rates and fees that are outrageous. Skepticism that an honest company exists can be understood. A genuine lender does exist, and you have come to the right place. Not only will we work hard to get you the financing you deserve, but we will ensure that you are not overwhelmed by high rates and fees. We are able to give mortgages to some people even if they are in bankruptcy or foreclosures.

High risk

Where debt-to-income ratios are in question or where someone doesn't have enough collateral to secure loans with conventional company is not a deterrent for our company.

Not enough collateral? Try us we can help.
Just fill out the easy, no-risk Application and we'll get the process started right away. Get your life on the right track again. Pre-application Form.

If there is ever anything that we can do to help you along, please email us at help@americanmtg.com

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